Security Camera Sales & Installation

Securing your home or business with quality cameras is now more affordable than ever before! For over 10 years we have been installing security and IP cameras with professional layout designs in mind.
Below are some things to consider before installing cameras.  When you have answers to these questions, stop by or give us a call and we can help design a security system for you.
  • How many cameras are you wanting installed?
  • How important is the picture quality? 
  • Do you need to just view or do you need to be able to playback later?
  • If you need to record, how long do you need to be able to playback footage?
  • Are all the cameras in the same building?
  • Is there an attic or basement that would allow us to easily run cables?
  • Do you currently have high speed internet where the cameras are going to be installed?
  • Are there electrical outlets near the locations of the desired cameras?
  • Are there any existing cameras in place?

Before and after picture below

On this job we replaced the main DVR with an upgraded Hyrbid NVR while also replacing the old analog cameras with new 1080i cameras.  They still used the same BNC cables so running new wires wasn't required, the end result gives a much wider viewing angle and better overall picture quality.

We also hooked up remote viewing so they could watch the cameras on their smart phone.